Mary (marycontrary) wrote,


sooo my night didn't go as planned but I suppose it was not a dud... but I'm learning some valueable life lessons... you can't count on anybody but yourself... and god damn if that's not the truth... I guess I wish I had that one person... I wish I had that one person I could count on besides myself.. I mean there are times when everybody screws up no matter what... but I just wish I didn't feel this way I guess... it's sort of lonely when you get ditched.. but that's life... I"m gonna watch a movie and have a beer and I'll be around because I will... I just usually am I suppose... I love you all so much... and I will go to sleep and hope to god that my life smooths out... or at least that I can start to see it that way... I just have to trust myself and be ok with all of my faults and junk.. ick I'm babblign so much I don't like to do that... a funny thing happened today... one of my managers had his last night tonight and for a long time Lilo and Stitch has been playing in this tv that we have on display and he got so sick of it that he bought a video to put on in place of it... so he looked for the cheapest one and it was this Thurman Thomas training video... and for all of you people who aren't buffalo fans... thurman is a bill... but anyway it's really good stuff cause it's not.. it's like horrible but we gotta kick out of it.. and Tom let me chew gum tonight and blow bubbles which is one of my guilty pleasures... mmm gum hehe so that's what I did and it was fun times and I wish I had a cuddle buddy tonight.. I don't know where that came from but I soo do I want someone to lay with and play with my hair or something... eek ok I'm going to watch that movie... goodnight ;)bye RAR
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