Mary (marycontrary) wrote,

whoa whoa

I'm sleepy... I went to this bonfire last night with the wrong person. I mean I thought he was the right person at one point and when I see him I trick myself into thinking he's the right person but he's not. But anyway my best friend can be called my best friend again because he let me wipe my face with his favorite sweatshirt after I puked... now that's friendship :) I sliced my foot open on a pricker bush when I went pee and I can't get rid of this sneeze and coughing... ewww. I have to work today and I really don't want to. but it's not too bad only five hours.. I think I might go to the drive in tonight. Or I might do somethin else I dunno. We'll see I guess. I have this weird patch of dry skin on the right of my right knee cap and it's weird and discolored... do you think I have a disease?? yeah me neither... well I have to go take a shower and get ready for work even though I don't wanna... peace out yos ;) LOVE YOU!
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