Mary (marycontrary) wrote,

groovy M&Ms are not groovy at all

SOOO, being that I work at a grocery store I see a lot of different things come through. Like Groovy M&Ms... I wanted to try some cause I the bag made them look cool and there was a chance that I could win five grand.. SO I bought some... I open the bag and what I saw was not groovy at all... these tie dye looking M&Ms were not so... You know the dust pieces that settle in the bottom of your M&M bag that you find when you're finished eating them? well those little chiped pieces are what they cover the M&M's in to make them look "groovy"... hmm I was thoroughly disappointed... but I'll live... I'm so bummed that I have to go back to work at 8 when I just got home from there.. but that's life I guess... I'm gonna watch a movie and contemplate my existance and eat more of these shit-dots.. I mean M&Ms... yay love you bye
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