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Well, I'm tired. I'm really god damned tired. I have no reason to be, but I am. See I'm the first one to get my Master's in my family, and yet I'm the only one who can't find a job. Looks like that fifty thousand dollars I have to pay back is going right down the tubes. Anyway, so I'm getting married, to this fantastically fantastic man and I'm really excited about that, he's great, makes me feel great, love him with everything that I have, but I'm bummed, majorly bummed because the dude or the peach, if you will, wants to wear a powder blue tuxedo. Now, I'm all about free expression and doing your own thing, but my only issue is that I always dreamed of the traditional wedding. Sappy as it may sound I want the white dress and the black tux... SO I'm considering a compromise in which he becomes able to wear the powder blue ruffled ugliness at the reception and look devilishly handsome in the tux at the ceremony. I think that will work for me... I just hope that I'm not being to anal or conceited... any opinions on that will be more than welcome... so you know share them wit me babies! Anyway I'm tired so I'm going to nap for the fourth time today! YAY! Bye! Eating Carrots will help your eyes... so eat them up.
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