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I'm nervous. I have a job interview today, and I'm sure it's going to go fine, but yesterday I didn't care about the interview because I wanted this other job, and thought FO SHO I'm going to get it but then I found out i'm not so now I really want this one and because of that I'm nervous even though it's counter-productive to be nervous because I jumble my words and act like a jackhole... but anyway I'm going to dinner and to see Dodgeball tonight so that should make me feel better. Today's only Tuesday but it feels like a Friday even though it doesn't really make any difference what day it actually is because I haven't done much in the past month except try to find a job. Which is a job in and of itself, and one that I don't particularly care for. It's like every time a job doesn't work out... you feel rejected, so your confidence decreases and then you're supposed to say all this good stuff about yourself, and you're thinking... well lets see... ummm... I ate pizza today... is that good. AND THEN since I haven't been doing anything I start feeling more dumb... because the farther away from school I get the more I feel like chunks of my brain are just falling out with out my noticing... It's like someone will ask me a question and they have to repeat it five times ARG... well anyway here goes... time to put on a cute suit and a smile and hope that works for me. Later Ladies and Gentleonis. I gots ta get otta tis place. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Did you know that listerine is good for itchy flaking scalp... you should try it!
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