Mary (marycontrary) wrote,

Well Well Well

My My... so I haven't done this in let's see... a year. So I got married, like a month ago, well four weeks to be nearly exact. I am sorta drunk right now... like not throwing up or crazy drunk, just well lubricated I guess. There's so much to think about... I don't know what to choose first. I am a happy girl, generally speaking. I have a great man, a great house, I just suppose I have a need to figure out the rest. Not that my job is awful but it could be better. I am a social worker, I'm doing family therapy, and it's tough I mean I'll always bring it home with me... I wish I could leave it at work, it's like there is no way that that could happen. Too many emotions, to many connections I just feel for these people and so long to improve their lives, but I mean in reality I can do my best, but I can't make them change, I can only help them change. I'm sort of tired but not exactly, it seems that my eyes do not want to stay open so I think I should probably go..
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