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1 May
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I'm Mary, I'm 24, I just got my MSW so that I can be overworked and underpayed and do it all to benefit humanity, I like to sleep a lot, I guess you can say I'm a dreamer HAHAHAHA;) get it LOL yeah.. that was lame... I like to watch movies, I like to sing, I like all different types of music, I am easily amused, I like to read, I like to look out my window, I like the rain... it helps me to sleep not that I need it... I swear that Maruchan Instant Lunch is god's gift to college students everywhere especially me lol oh there's the cockyness again but I swear I'm not :) Dining hall food isn't as bad as people say... I'm actually quite fond of it... I have a headache right now but I can't take anything for it because the only thing I have is Tylenol PM's and I can't go to sleep right now so I'm not taking those I'm going to suffer it will just make me tougher HA that rhymes Whoa I know how to spell rhymes neato. I have a bruise on my hand and it looks like I punched somebody, but I didn't, I always have bruises it's kinda gross I look like Courtney Love... Well not THAT bad but it's still gross. I like to play the piano... I took six years of lessons and never practiced so I still suck but I love it anyways :) uhh I'm a cashier and that kinda sucks too but sometimes it's fun... sometimes being the keyword here. I like to drink I like the fruity junk but I like beer too.. I gotta burp hang on... Ok all better :) OH mother who's gonna read all this crap I'm not so why would I expect you guys too ok I'm almost done so anyways I really like to tell stories that lack importance.. I'm always doing this and I'll drag them on and on and then people are so let down when I get to the end cause I made them wait so long to get there.. for example, I went to the store yesterday and I saw this shirt I really liked.. it was red and I thought I might get it but I didn't because I have a lot of shirts that are red and I didn't think I should get another one that I should mix it up so then I went and looked for a different colored shirt but I didn't like the other shirts so I didn't buy anything, the end...
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